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There are two Whitby beaches, one each side of the River Esk. The beaches are extremely popular with visitors to Whitby, but with over 2 miles of sand, there is plenty of room for everyone!

West Cliff

The larger West Cliff Beach is just 600 meters from and  has approximately 2 miles of sand and stretches from the West Pier, past the colourful beachhuts and along to Upgang. In the summer months there are lifeguards in attendance on this Whitby Beach. Deckchairs and windbreaks are available to hire from the slipway near the West Pier. Donkey rides, close to the West Pier, are a favourite with the children.

West Cliff Beach is a wonderful stretch of sandy beach, where families can play, paddle, collect shells, play ballgames, build sandcastles and fly kites, just to mention a few activities

Tate Hill Beach

Tate Hill Beach is on the east side, and the smaller Whitby Beach. It

is between Tate Hill Pier and the larger East Pier. Tate Hill Beach is a small, sheltered, soft sandy beach, that both visitors and residents can enjoy throughout the year, be it picnics, barbecues or beach activities. Dogs are allowed on this beach all year round.

 There are more public toilets near the Childrens Paddling pool on the West Cliff, and another set on the beach below.

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