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North yorkshire moors railway

Magnificent steam engines, beautiful rural stations and smartly uniformed staff, a visit to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is like taking a step back in time, all from Whitby train station just 500 meters away.

From the smoke and steam pouring from the engines to the cosy wood-panelled carriages and friendly conductor service, the railway is both lovingly preserved and charmingly authentic.

It’s also the perfect starting point for a day out, whether you’re travelling between the rugged Yorkshire villages, hiking on the wind swept moors or spending a day exploring the market town of Pickering, having a lunch, before catching the return train.

Themed events are run all year round from stepping back in time on a “60’s Weekend”, digging out your gas mask for “The Railway at War event” or acting/taking the kids on the Santa Specials.

Check out the web site for many more ideas.

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