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Staithes, 8 miles north of Whitby, was once one of the largest fishing ports on the north east coast of the United Kingdom and an important source of the minerals Jet, Iron, Alum and Potash.

Staithes today is a very attractive tourist destination of great interest to both the amateur and professional Geologist.This section of the UK is known as the “Dinosaur Coast” being predominantly of the Middle and Lower Lias Period.

Staithes was also home to many hero’s. From Captain James Cook, to those with their names recorded in stone on the War Memorial and those who today at the sound of the maroon take the Staithes Lifeboat to sea as their ancestors have done for the last 100 years.

The unique beauty of the area attracted numerous artists who became known as the Staithes Group and they arrived one what must have been a very spectacular railway.

Regardless of your age or interests Staithes has something to offer and is a beautiful part of the country.

Staithes, a short drive from our whitby holiday home, whitbyapartment @ Caedmons Prospect
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