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Flamingo Land

Just outside Pickering and a distance of around 24 miles, Flamingo Land is one of the UK’s most recognisable theme parks, providing family fun and entertainment.

Over the last 40 years they have developed a theme park to meet the needs of families, focusing on making sure there is a ride or rollercoaster for everyone. Whether you want to entertain kids big or small, we are sure to provide a family day out to remember. The theme park boasts over 50 rides and roller coasters of all sizes. For the thrill seekers we have the Cliff Hanger, Corkscrew & Flip Flop, designed to give you thrills!

For the younger members of the family, (Or those who like a calmer day out) we have Junior Coasters, the Frog Hopper and Junior Carousels. You can count on Flamingo Land for the best kids days out.

The Flamingo Land zoo is an African extravaganza, boasting African Lions, Camels, Chimpanzees and more. As you walk around the zoo grounds you’ll also get to see more unusual animals such as the Guanaco, a relative of the camel and the llama. The Zoo also boasts a reptile house, and bird house, where you can see some of the more exotic animals of the world, and if you want to learn about animals closer to home, the farm is sure to be a hit.

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